21 Apr

Now that Oliver is 3 months old, I feel like we’ve emerged from the fog that characterizes the newborn phase.  He started out his life as a pretty fussy baby but has slowly mellowed out and fallen into the groove of the family.  I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I’ve had several moments where I’ve had to stop and pinch myself because everything is going right!  Here are a few examples:

1. Last Tuesday I put Oliver down to sleep in his pack n play for the first time.  Prior to this moment he’d either nap in the Ergo or in his swing.  Today I was feeling adventurous and put him down for a nap upstairs.  He was a champ and went down without a fight.  I scooped up Annaliese and we headed to the kitchen to dye Easter eggs.  As I glanced around at the happy mess we were making in the kitchen and listened to the steady sound of Oliver breathing through the monitor, I thought to myself “I am ROCKING this mother of two thing!”

2. The weather has finally warmed up with the arrival of April.  One afternoon last week I took both kids outside in the backyard after naps.  The warm sun beat down on us as I pushed both kids on the swing set.  “I can totally do this!” I said out loud.

3.  Right now….right now is actually one of those moments!  I’m sitting at the computer writing a blog post and eating a chocolate marshmallow egg while both kids snore away the afternoon.  The laundry is folded and I actually know what I’m cooking for dinner tonight.  I am awesome!!


Now don’t get me wrong,  these moments of clarity are usually quickly followed by Annaliese shrieking that she needs to use the potty immediately while I decide just how red Oliver’s face can get from crying.  Or trying to wrestle both kids into the car and noticing one of them has no shoes on and the other clearly needed a tissue about an hour ago.  Or quickly taking a whiff of my shirt sleeve to decide if anyone else can smell the spit-up aroma I’m emitting. 

But you know what?  I’ll take it.  I’m going to start focusing on these “SuperMom” moments and let those get me through the day.  I’m going to briefly pause each time I feel like I’m kicking butt at my job and make sure I give myself a quick pat on the back.  Then I’ll take a quick glance to make sure that hand didn’t have any baby poop on it.


Oliver is here!

5 Mar

I’m only 7 weeks late in posting this but Oliver is here!  He was born on January 16, 2014.  He weighed 9 lbs 14 oz (ouch) and was 22 inches long.  He looked nothing like a newborn.



My due date was January 10th so I was actually induced on the 16th.  We kept hoping he would come on his own but he obviously wasn’t interested in that.  Labor was a lot faster this time than it was with Annaliese.  It was more difficult in some ways but I was thankful that it didn’t drag on as much. 

Since we brought Oliver home he has been eating like a champ and already weighs 13 lbs.  He is wearing size 3 to 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers already.  He is a big boy!  He has been much fussier than Annaliese was which has been a little tough at times.  The evenings are usually rough.  Chris and I finally get Annaliese into bed and then its Oliver’s turn to put us to work.  That seems to be a little less now so hopefully we are turning a corner.  He started smiling around 5 weeks which has been so much fun.  He smiles at Annaliese which makes my heart melt.  Here is my favorite picture of them together:


The adjustment has been huge but Annaliese has been doing a pretty good job of being a big sister.  She loves him to pieces but her whole little world was turned upside down when he came along.  After a few weeks when we started to get back into our normal routine, I think she realized that things were going to be ok.  Its not helping that she seems to be finished with napping.  I’m not finished napping so the afternoons are long 🙂  She is a grump when she doesn’t nap, but if she does nap she can’t fall asleep at night until 9:30 or 10:00.  This transition phase is tough!  I’m trying to be as patient with her as possible and know that she is trying her best too.  One of our new favorite things to do is go grocery shopping together on the weekends.  Chris stays home with Oliver so its just Mommy and Annaliese time.  It sounds silly but its nice to spend a little time with her.

I’m looking forward to what the next month brings as Oliver grows even more.  I can’t wait for the first laugh and the first time he rolls over.  I thought it would be less exciting watching a 2nd child grow and change but it definitely isn’t!

The Home Stretch!

16 Dec

This past Friday I hit the 36 week mark.  I’m finally feeling like I’ve reached the end!  I know I still have a few more weeks to go but the end is in sight.   Here is what I currently look like:


As you can see, most of my shirts won’t fully cover my belly anymore.  It is a definite struggle to get dressed in the mornings!

For comparison, here is what I looked like at 36 weeks with Annaliese:


I am SO much bigger this time around!  I’m much more uncomfortable too.  I remember feeling pretty good up until the end the first time.  This time I’m having a really tough time sleeping.  I feel like the baby dropped this weekend because I have a ton of pressure in my hips and lower back.  He has also started use my sciatic nerve as a punching bag 😦  I can’t complain too much though.  I’m up and moving around and still able to keep up with Annaliese!   Time is also going by pretty quickly with all of the holiday craziness too.  He’ll be here before I know it!

I’m headed to my 36 week appointment with the OB today.  I’m hoping he’ll tell me that the baby is head down.  They also want to send me for some more blood work this week since my platelet levels looked low last time.  Hoping to get some good news there too!

I’ll update more soon.  At the rate I’ve been updating though, the next post might be about a new baby.  We’ll see!

27 week update

13 Oct

I am 27 weeks pregnant!  Can’t believe I am almost in the 3rd trimester.  This pregnancy is going by really slowly but really quickly at the same time.  I know January will be here before we know it (especially with the holidays coming up) but I still feel like I have a million more weeks to go.

Apparently the baby is the size of a rutabaga this week. 

I have no clue what that is or what size it is.  I’ll just have to assume the baby is getting bigger….

I still feel pretty good.  My energy level has been good and I’ve been HUNGRY.  I find myself snacking a lot more during the day.  Cereal has been my only real craving.  There have been days where I eat 3 bowls of it as breakfast and snacks because it tastes so good.  I definitely can’t make it from meal to meal without having at least one snack in between.  I’ve also had some heartburn recently which is really gross.  I never had it this bad with Annaliese.   The weather is cooling off and I think that has helped with how I feel also.  It was a hot summer and it definitely had an effect on my energy level.

Here is what I look like at 27 weeks:


Annaliese has that sly little smile because she is actually saying “My parents are trying to potty train me and I’m not going to let them!”  (Its been a rough weekend)

Here is what I looked like at 27 weeks when I was pregnant the first time:


Its hard to tell because of the shirt I’m wearing but I feel like I was a lot smaller. 

I will update again soon.  Hoping the 3rd trimester is kind to me!

Summer Summary

31 Aug

Since its Labor Day weekend it definitely feels like summer is over.  We had a fantastic summer but I’m looking forward to fall.  Here are pictures of all of the fun things we did in the summer of 2013.



We spent lots of time in the backyard trying to keep cool.  There were many HOT days but Annaliese loves being outside so we made it work.


Chris loves to grill so we had many delicious meals this summer, including lots of corn on the cob.


Annaliese turned 2 so we had a party at the house.  Lots of family and friends helped us celebrate at her “Milk & Cookies” party.


We celebrated a really fun 4th of July right in our neighborhood.  Its “Good Neighbor Day” so we got to watch a 5K and 10K race in front of our house, walk down the street to a festival, and watch fireworks right in our front yard.


We announced to everyone that Annaliese is going to be a big sister in January!



We attended tons of fun MOMs Club events like riding the train and visiting the fire station.


We planted a small garden for the first time and had a little success.


We traveled to Bethany Beach where Annaliese enjoyed spending time with her family.  She really loved getting to know her cousin Madison.


Annaliese went to her first baseball game.  She liked the mascot and the food more than the actual game but it was lots of fun!


Annaliese moved from her crib to a big girl bed.  She’s impressed us with how easy the transition was.






Thanks to tickets and season passes, we went to many fun places:  Dutch Wonderland, Longwood Gardents, Camden Aquarium, Hands on House, and Balitmore Aquarium!  I don’t even think that is half of the list.  We were busy!


We had endless fun playdates with friends!  Annaliese became a lot more social this summer and loved having people over as well as going to their houses.

Its A…..

27 Aug

Boy Boy Boy Boy!!!  I guess I was wrong about that girl thing.

We are all really excited about having a little boy in our lives.  I was really surprised when the ultrasound tech told us the news.  Here is a picture of our cute little guy :

ImageThat thing above his head is his hand…not a unicorn horn.    The ultrasound tech also told us he was pretty big for only being 20 weeks.  Based on the measurements she said it looked like I was over a week ahead of where my due date is right now (January 10th).   I’m going to talk to my OB at my appointment next week and see if they will keep my due date or change it based on the measurements.

Chris and I both think that the new baby’s ultrasound picture looks a lot like Annaliese’s did.  Here they are side by side for comparison (Annaliese first, then new baby)


They have the same cute little nose!

I’ve also been super blessed this week to receive lots of maternity clothes and baby boy clothes from two very wonderful friends.  Their generosity has been amazing.  This little boy will NEVER be without a cute outfit.

Annaliese thinks shes excited about having a baby brother but I’m not sure she really knows that the difference is between boys and girls.  She will soon find out 🙂

19 Weeks

18 Aug

I am 19 weeks this week!  The baby is the size of a mango (which sounds delicious right now)

Pinkberry Mango

I have been feeling a lot more movement over the past few weeks, especially in the early mornings and at night.  I love laying on the couch and just feeling the baby wiggling around in there.  I’m feeling AMAZING.  I have most of my energy back and my appetite is growing every day.  I’m so happy to be feeling like myself again.  It made me remember why I liked being pregnant the first time around.  Here is a picture of me at 19 weeks and 1 day:


We have our Anatomy Scan ultrasound on Friday and we are super excited.  We are going to be finding out the sex and I can’t wait to start decorating the nursery.  We moved the crib and rocking chair into the baby’s room yesterday because…..Annaliese is in a big girl bed!


She has been doing amazingly so far.  This is her second night and we’ve been so proud of her.  She took a good nap in her bed today too.  Its really cute to see her room looking more “grown up”.  We were surprised that she was so eager to part with her crib but we’re still a little wary.   We’re wondering if she’ll still be ok with it once the baby is actually sleeping in it.  Only time will tell!

That’s all I have to update for now.  I will definitely post after our ultrasound on Friday!  My guess is that we’re having a girl, Chris thinks boy (to make it interesting), and Annaliese thinks everyone has a baby in their belly and my bellybutton is the baby’s head.  We’ll see who’s right in just a few more days 🙂

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