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Week 6 & 7

22 Feb

I am combining Week 6 and 7 in this post because I am a little behind!  We were in Chicago for part of this time so some of the activities were hotel friendly as well.

Day 36 – My mom brought over some Valentine’s window decals for Annaliese.  We stuck them all over the playroom windows.  These are really cheap and can be easily used over and over again.

Day 37 – Today I let Annaliese play with some of my jewelry.  She is starting to really enjoy dressing up so I let her use some of my necklaces and bracelets.  Here she is deciding what she wants to try on next.

2.8.13 036edit

Day 38 – Annaliese has been very interested in babies and pretending lately.   I let her lead the way today and she decided instead of taking care of her babies today she wanted to pretend to be one.  She liked trying to fit into her doll’s stroller and cradle, putting the blankets on herself, and even crying.  Her imitating a baby crying is pretty hysterical.

Day 39 – Today I went through some of my crafting supplies and found some big chunky beads.  I let Annaliese thread them onto yarn and we made some little bracelets.  This was sometimes hard for her but the beads were big enough that she could mostly do it with a little assistance from me.

Day 40 – Today we did a Window Tour.  Annaliese takes after her dad and likes to look out the window, so we decided to look out of every window in the house.  This was pretty fun and took up a lot of time.  We went from room to room looking out the windows and talking about what we saw.  She liked trying to look for birds and deer but we didn’t see too much wildlife.

Day 41 – Lately we’ve been working on labeling colors.  Annaliese pretty much guesses first that everything is blue, and her second guess is always yellow.  We’re working on it…. To sharpen her skills a little we went on a color scavenger hunt around the house.  We tried to find blue things first since it seems to be the color she understands the best.  Then we tried yellow, red, and green.  This was fun and active!

Day 42 – This awesome suggestion came from my wonderful, creative friend Taylor.  She suggested that we collect empty boxes (cereal, crackers, etc) and use them as building blocks.  We had a blast with this one.  Annaliese’s favorite part was stacking them up and knocking them down.  Typical.

2.15.12 012

Day 43 – Aunt Hannah requested some refrigerator artwork from Annaliese.   We got out our sticker collection and Annaliese made two excellent pictures to send.  She is always captivated by stickers so today was fun.

Day 44 – Today we did a Sound Search.  We live on a pretty busy street so we were able to go to the front of the house to listen for cars and trucks.  We also heard geese, the fish tank filter, the heater, and a dog barking.

Day 45 – Because Annaliese is getting good with her colors we did a Sock Matching game today.  I took out pairs of her socks, Mommy’s socks, and Daddy’s socks.  I scrambled them up and let her find the matching pairs.  She liked this one!

Day 46 – Today was the day before we left for Chicago so Annaliese got to play in the suitcase.  Honestly if I had let her she probably would have played in there for hours.  She liked just sitting in it, buckling and unbuckling the clip, eating a snack in there… I guess its kind of like playing a big box.  She was very sad when I actually wanted to pack things in the suitcase.

Day 47 – Today we had to get creative with some downtime in our Chicago hotel room.  With some inspiration from Aunt Lauragrace’s younger years, I created a pillow path for Annaliese.  I laid all of our pillows out on the floor and let her run along the path.  This could easily be done at home too.

Day 48 – We were also in the hotel today so we had some fun with the wheely (not a word) desk chair.  It was pretty much like riding a roller coaster for a toddler.  This could be done at home too if you have a fun chair.

2.21.13 008

That’s it!  I’ll be better about posting instead of waiting for 2 weeks to build up!


Gasoline Lipgloss

11 Feb

I know I’m not alone in thinking that my child is the smartest one on the planet.   I try to limit my bragging to my husband, my in-laws, and my parents because I am sure its extremely off-putting.   Its not that I really believe she is smarter than anyone else’s child; its just that I’m constantly blown away when she obtains new knowledge.  I get so excited when she correctly points out something blue and says “boo” or correctly identifies a picture of a person she’s only met once.   Before you stop reading because you think I’m going to write an entire post about how smart my kid is, I want you to know that I’m going in the complete opposite direction with this one.  To keep things in perspective for myself, I’ve compiled a list of things she does that make no sense.   We are honestly baffled by this stuff.  One minute Chris and I are looking at each other like “future Neurosurgeon over here” and the next minute we’re like “there goes Harvard…”

Here is what I mean :

*Annaliese frequently opens the door to the gasoline tank of her Cozy Coupe, puts her finger in, and then licks it.   When we first saw her do it, Chris asked me if that was something I had ever done while getting gas in my car.  Actually no, I’ve never put my finger in the gas tank of my car and then licked it.  I can safely say she did not learn that one from me.

*On more than one occasion, Annaliese has reached into her mouth, pretended to pick something out of her teeth, and then wiped it in my hand.  I don’t even have a guess where she learned that or what she thinks she is accomplishing.

*Another bizarre behavior is when Annaliese will stand up, point to where she was just sitting, and smell the air like something might not be right.  Its as if she’s warning us, “Hey guys, where I was just sitting smells really bad so be careful.”    Its worth noting that this does not happen after she passes gas.

*Last but not least, she refers to a cat as “na”.  We are so confused by this because she can say the “c” sound and can also clearly say “hat.”  Logic would tell you that those two sounds could be put together to form the word cat.  We have no clue where “na” came from.


For the rest of Annaliese’s life, I will always think she is brilliant.  However, when she receives her PhD in Bioengineering, I might have to remind her that she used to use her gasoline tank as lipgloss.

Week 5

8 Feb

I am a little bit behind with my weekly posts, but I did take lots of pictures this week!

Here is the link to my 365 Days of Unplugged Play.

Day 29 – Valentine’s Day is coming up and Annaliese got invited to her first party.  Today we made Valentines for her friends.   I gave her paint and paintbrushes.  We even tried out an idea I saw online where you crush a toilet paper tube into the shape of a heart and use it as a stamp.  She really like the painting and was surprisingly not messy at the end.

1.30.13 018edit

Day 30 – Chris had to buy a bucket from Home Depot so that inspired our play today.  Annaliese was so curious about the bucket so she was the guide.  She liked crawling in and out of it and being carried around in it.

1.30.13 025edit

Day 31 – Today we did some good old fashioned puzzles.  It has been a while since we’ve played with our wooden puzzles and I was blown away by how good Annaliese was.  She really understood how to match the shapes to their correct places.  She even did the sign for ‘more’ because she wanted me to keep bringing out more puzzles.

Day 32 – Today’s activity comes with a warning.  It definitely requires adult supervision at all times.  We played with our coin jar and coins.  Annaliese really liked the sound that the coins made when they dropped in.  It seemed like a good activity for building fine motor skills because she really had to work to get those coins in the slot.  I realized that coins could easily be swallowed by little ones so use this activity at your discretion.

Day 33 – Because Annaliese loves to help and loves to be outside, she got to help pick up sticks in the backyard today.  We had some strong winds a few days prior so there were many sticks to be collected.  We bundled up and took as many sticks as we could back to the woods.

Day 34 – Today’s activity came from a Busy Bag party we attended in January.  One of the moms brought a snow day kit and we had about an inch or two of snow.  The kit had food coloring and squirt bottles, so Annaliese and I “colored” the snow.  We both enjoyed it.  Thanks Melissa D!

2.8.13 017edit

Day 35 – Today we pretended to be ballerinas.  Annaliese has been able to pretend lately which is pretty cool to see.  She likes to walk on her tip toes so I taught her a few ballet moves (its been a while…I’m a little rusty).  She even got to wear a Tu-tu.  Luckily I was able to pry it off of her before we had to go out.

2.8.13 043edit


See you in Week 6!



Blog Makeover

7 Feb

I am so excited to unveil my made over blog!  About 2 weeks ago I won a contest being held by Raquel from The HeART.  Well actually, Jeannette from Eco Incognito won the contest.  Being the gracious and wonderful friend that she is, she turned it over to me!  I can’t thank her enough.  Raquel created a logo for me that I can use on my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.  There is no way I can say enough about how grateful I am to Raquel for doing this for me.  She is so talented and amazingly I told her pretty much nothing about what I wanted my logo to look like but she still knew exactly how to make me happy.

I feel like the logo and new look are perfect.  I wasn’t really pleased with the old color scheme I had on here before but I’m so much happier now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Raquel!  Everyone please go over and check out her blog, The HeART.

Please follow me on Twitter if you have an account @busybabymom  I’m still learning the ins and outs of Twitter and I’d love to have more people to chat with.  I also created a page on Facebook so I can post updates and further conversations.   Please ‘like’ my page The Busy  Baby.

Thanks so much for all of your comments and support so far.  I’m really enjoying blogging and I think this makeover is just what I needed to keep me motivated to write.  Thanks again Raquel!

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