Week 8

3 Mar

So this week I was bad and took NO pictures.  Oops!  I guess this post will be a little boring.

Day 49 – During our trip to Chicago, Annaliese was very interested in all of the details of traveling.  When we got home we expanded on her interest and did a little pretending.  She packed up her purse and backpack with all of the essentials (snacks, maracas, an onion from her play kitchen, one of her doll’s shoes, etc).  She liked getting in and out of her cozy coupe and pretending she was leaving and returning.  When she got out of the car each time she ran to give me a hug and then left again.  Usually when I asked her where she was going she would say “Gaga”, her word for Grandma.  She likes going to Gaga’s house!

Day 50 – We got creative today and made our own scratch and sniff papers.  I scrounged up some random soaps and things from around the house and drew a few pictures on some pieces of paper.  I drew a picture of a lemon and put a few drops of a lemony perfume on it.  I also drew a picture of a cookie and dropped little bit of vanilla extract on it.  Many of the  scents we used were from delicious smelling soaps I have around the house (apple, cucumber melon, etc)  Annaliese really liked smelling each of the pictures.

Day 51 – Today we had a good old fashioned dance party.  We put on the radio and busted out our best moves while we were getting dressed for the day.  Now it has become a morning tradition for us, and I love it.  I am a terrible dancer, but Annaliese doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Day 52 – It was a rainy today so we felt a little trapped inside.  We decided to switch it up and sit on the porch to watch the rain.  Annaliese loves being outside and we are both excited for warmer weather to come.  Even though we didn’t leave the covered porch, it was nice to get some fresh air.

Day 53 – Remember how I taped up those empty boxes last week to use as big building blocks?  This week we used them to play grocery store.  It was so much fun.  Annaliese has a shopping cart so I set up her playroom as the “store”  I used some of the food from her play kitchen so she had lots of choices.  She liked throwing everything in the cart.  Cleaning up…not so much.

Day 54 – Today I used some of our furniture and some of her toys to set up an obstacle course.  I used our couch cushions to make a ramp for her to climb over, set up a tunnel for her to crawl through, and used some blankets to make an obstacle she had to jump over.  This was a great way to burn some energy inside!

Day 55 – My friend Jeannette, a fellow blogger, gave me this idea.  She posted one time about reading books with similar subjects so we decided to give it a try.  Annaliese loves reading and dogs so we picked out all of the books we could find about dogs.  She liked reading about her favorite topic!  We are definitely going to try this one again with different topics.


Hopefully I’ll have more pictures next week!


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